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Black Walnut Extract Side Effects - Can It Harm You?

It's been pretty well established that taking black walnut can have a very positive effect on your health. This supplement is chock-full of essential fatty acids, and can also have an anti-inflammatory effect. But what about potential side effects? If you take too much of it, can it be a bad thing? These are the sorts of questions that need to be answered by clinical trials and scientific research and, while research is still being conducted, the current findings might be a relief to you. While the long-term effects of taking black walnut extract are still being studied, there are no serious black walnut extract side effects for short-term use.

Black walnut contains lots of essential fatty acids. These are fatty acids that the human body cannot produce on its own. Taking black walnut supplements is a great way to fortify your diet in order to make sure you're getting enough of these essential fatty acids. There are no adverse black walnut extract side effects related to the essential fatty acids contained in black walnuts. But essential fatty acids are not the only things you'll find inside black walnuts. There are other chemicals in black walnuts that may not be so benign.

Two other significant components of black walnuts include tannins and juglone. Tannins are pretty common, and you'll find them in things like red wine. But juglone is an organic compound that may cause cancer of the lips and mouth if it's applied topically to these parts of the body. Most black walnut supplements simply come in capsule form and don't require any contact with the lips or mouth, and as long as you take them the way that you're supposed to, you won't run the risk of black walnut extract side effects. Just swallow them with water, and you should be fine.

People have been eating black walnuts for centuries without any adverse side effects, so it stands to reason that there shouldn't be any significant black walnut extract side effects, either. Even seemingly scary side effects like cancer caused by the juglone in black walnuts are very rare, even for those who do apply black walnut extract topically. As far as the scientific research shows, there are no significant side effects to taking black walnut extract, and the history of this nut gives us reason to hope that future research will only confirm what we already think.